Stretch Jewelry by Sheila Powers

Handmade Stretch Rings & Bracelets by Sheila Powers

Pearls have been a part of my life.
Growing up admiring my Nana Houlahan’s string of pearls. Thrilled by my first pearl earrings on my sweet 16 along with my first kiss.
On My sister Karen’s wedding day, still in my maid of honor gown, I walked into my mothers master bedroom as she was changing opened her jewelry box and grab my Nana’s 3 strands of pearl necklaces, and told my mother “Both my older sister’s are married and out of the house. I get Nana’s pearls. I walked out and deposited those pearls into my jewelry box. I found out the next day that only one strand of pearls were real. I think I was 18 years old at the time. I don’t know if I was predicting my never getting married or just really wanted those pearls. The other two strands of pearls were knock offs of Nana’s real ones. Nana use to keep her real pearls locked up and wore the imitation pearls daily. Only brought the real pearls out for special events.
Pearls just make a women know she is of value. not to mention the way they light up your face.
So setting out to make jewelry for myself. I want an elegant look and an elegant felling. Like my Nana Houlahan’s knock offs that looked exactly like the real pearls. Actually her imitation pearls where made from the same jeweler that made her real set of pearls.
made with Swarovski Navy PearlsI wanted to find pearls that look real enough to make me feel like I’m wearing the real deal every day. Swarovski has accomplished this. These pearls make me fell like a million bucks.
Enjoy wearing your ring with the finest pearls from Swarovski.

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